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Saffron night cream

Saffron night cream

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Aloevera gel

Shea butter
Saffron strands infused in olive oil
Coconut oil
Rose essential oil
Saffron strands

Loaded with saffron strands infused in aloevera and sheabutter this night cream is suitable for all skin types. Provides overnight skin rejuvenation and healthy radiance. Packed with antioxidants, saffron night cream helps to combat free radicals, reducing the signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles.

Cleanse face using any cleanser of your choice.
Scoop out a pinch of the cream and apply on your clean skin.
Massage for few seconds and leave it on.
Can be used at any time of the day.

Product weight 30G and 100G
Patch test before use is recommended

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