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Pinky peach lipbalm

Pinky peach lipbalm

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Coconut oil
Olive oil
Pure Beeswax
Strawberry powder
Rose infused oil

Hydration: Deeply moisturizes and replenishes dry, chapped lips, keeping them soft and smooth.
Antioxidant-rich: Packed with antioxidants from rose and strawberry extracts, it helps to combat free radical damage and promote healthy lips
Soothing: Rose extract soothes and calms irritated lips, while strawberry extract provides a refreshing sensation.
Enhanced Appearance: Adds a natural rosy tint to lips, enhancing their appearance with a subtle hint of color.
Protection: Forms a protective barrier against environmental stressors, helping to shield lips from damage.

Dab or swipe the needed amount off the jar using your finger and apply on your lips.
Can be used multiple times in a day whenever your lips are dry.

Product weight 8G
Patch test before use is recommended

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