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Rose toner - Steam distilled extract of rose petals + Rose e.o
Detox Vit C toner - Blend of Steam distilled extract from Orange and lemon + e.o
Saffron toner - Blend of different hydrosols (rose, lavender) + e.o + Saffron strands
Teatree toner - Steam distilled extract of teatree leaves + Teatree e.o

Rose toner - Hydrates, soothes, and reduces redness and promotes a even skin tone
Detox Vit C toner - Detoxifies and brightens skin
Saffron toner - Radiant skin glow, anti aging and extremely hydrating
Tea tree toner - Purifies skin, combating acne and blemishes for a clearer skin

On a well cleansed face, spray the toner directly onto face or soak a cotton pad with the toner and pat it over your face and neck area.
Massage for few seconds using the palms of your hands and let it dry.
Follow up with a moisturizer.

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