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Aurorah Handmade Soaps

Aurorah Handmade Soaps

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Charcoal Teatree Soap - Charcoal powder, Neem, tulsi infused oil and Teatree e.o
Saffron Goatmilk Soap - Saffron, goatmilk, rose infused in olive oil, Rose e.o
Pure Goatmilk Soap - Pure goatmilk powder, no fragrance formula
Royal Ubtan Soap - Nalangu maavu ingredients infused in rosehip and rose oil


Charcoal Teatree Soap - Oil control, Detoxification and deep cleansing
Saffron Goatmilk Soap - Radiance, skin brightening and anti-tan properties
Pure Goatmilk Soap - Cleanses, hydrates and makes skin soft and supple
Royal Ubtan Soap - Bridal glow and reduces bumps on consistent usage

Wet your body with water, then lather the soap in your hands or directly on your skin. Gently massage the lather onto your body, focusing on areas with dirt or sweat. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and pat dry with a towel. Moisturize to keep skin hydrated. Incorporate into your daily routine for clean, refreshed skin

Product weight 100G
Patch test before use is recommended

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